SSC Exam Suggestion 2018 English 1st Paper

SSC Examination 2018 English 1st & 2nd Paper is the most important for every students will making a good result. At this moment i am giving a Short Suggestion For SSC Exam 2018 English 1st & 2nd Paper all Education board in Bangladesh.


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SSC Examination is the first stage for making higher educational life.  Every students have a aim to overcome the SSC level and make a best result in SSC examination.


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1.Importance of learning English

2. A book fair

3. A tea stall

4. Tree plantation

6. A school magazine

7. Winter morning

8. Street accident

9. A day laborer

10. Environment pollution

11. Load-shedding

12. Traffic jam

13. A farmer

14. Our national flag

15. A rainy day.

Composition :

1. My aim in life

2. Duties of a student/ student life

3. My daily life

4. Population problem of Bangladesh

5. Wonders of modern science

6. Newspaper

7. Tree plantation

8. A village market

9. A village fair

10. Physical exercise

Formal Letter:

1. Increasing common room facilities

2. For morning school

3. Some money for excursion/study tour

4. For T.c

5. For a testimonial

6. Seat in the school hostel

7. Your school for re-admission

8. Praying for full-free studentship

9. Starting a debating club in your school

10. Sitting up a computer club in your school

11. sitting up a canteen in your school campus

Completing Story:

A liar shepherd

A thirsty crow

The fox without a tail   

Unity is strength

An honest wood cutter

Graphs and Charts:

Population growth

poverty and health care

Results of different exams

Literacy and illiteracy rate

Internet and Facebook users

Informal Letter:

A letter to your friend about your aim in life.

A letter to your friend congratulating him on his brilliant result.

A letter to your friend describing a road accident.

A letter to your friend advising him to give up smoking.

A letter to your friend telling him about the importance of learning English.

Dialogue Writing:

Preparation for the SSC Exam

Necessity of reading newspaper

Importance of learning English

Doctor and patient

About Load Shedding

Best wishes for all SSC students

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