Bangladesh Krishi Bank Job Exam Question Solve 2017

Bangladesh krishi bank job question solve will be publish within short time. It’s the valuable question solve to know more details about job related question & answer. It help’s us to follow for job related exam. From this type of question solve,we can gain huge experience to solve those jobs question. Bangladesh krishi bank job question solve has been given bellow.


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Bangladesh krishi bank job question

Bangladesh Krishi Bank (BKB) Job Exam Question Solve 2017

Bangladesh Krishi Bank Cash Question Solution 2017:


২.ব্যথার দান
৪.একাত্তরের দিনগুলি
৬.তাল গাছের সরু ডোঙ্গা
৭.বজ্র আটুলি
৮. ক) ব্যাধি
৯. দৌলত উজির
১১.সেলিম আল দীন
১২.মাঝিদের মুখে
১৩. বিজিত
১৬.ঊধ্ব অধ

English Solution:

17. Correctly Spelt word is—Autism
18. The antonym of “Climax” is–Nadir
19. The expression ‘Take into account’ means– Consider
20. “Perhaps I won’t go out this evening” means– I may not go out this evening.
21. The verb of “Politics” is –Politicize
22. The plural of “Spectrum” is– Spectra
23. Which is not an English Prefix– er-
24. “A child likes sweets only.” The negative form of the sentence is– A child likes nothing but sweets.
25. “It cannot be done.” The acttive voice form is– No one can do it.
26. He said, ” I can do the work.” The indirect narration is–He said that he could do the work.
27. I can give you no assurance____help– of.
28. The principal made an inquiry ____ the case. –into
29. ____do you spell your surnane?–How
30. The noun forn of the word “Fortunate” is–Fortune.
31. “May Allah help you.” is an—Optative Sentence
32. নাচতে না জানলে উঠান বাঁকা–A bad workman quarrels with his tools.

General Knowledge

57. The name of the player included in the guineas book of the world is–Zobera Rahman Lenu
58. The tenure of the Governor of Bangladesh Bank is–4 years.
59. The duration of National ID cardd is–10 years.
60. The Ministry which controls Bank and Financial institutions In Bangladesh is –Ministry of Finance
61. The length of the Padma Bridge will be–6.15km.
62. The name of the first Bangladeshi search engine is–Pipilika
63. Secondary Market is related to–Stock Market
64. ATM stands for–Automated Teller Machine
65. The meaning of “Call Money” is–Inter Bank short term lending and borrowing.
66. Bangladesh got the membership of UN in–1974
67. Bangladesh is not the member of one of thehe forum–G-8
68. The first ever Bangladeshi oringin woman selected as the Speakerr of Tower Hamlets Council in England is–Sabina Akhtar
69. The oldest news agency of the workd is–AFP
70. The organization received the Novel Peace Prize three times–International Committee of the Red Cross
71. The Rulling Party of Syria is–Ba’ath Party
72. The First Nawab of Bengal is –Murshid Quli Kham


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